Start of Service / Final Billing

Notification is required upon transferring responsibility of service to property. Your account may contain charges for water, sewer or stormwater, depending upon your service location.

Billing Transfers

Billing transfer to the tenant or occupant is for the convenience of the property owner. This transfer does not relieve the owner of responsibility for payment should the tenant/occupant of the service address fail to pay for their charges. Collection of outstanding charges for vacated tenants is the responsibility of the owner. The owner of record will be a mailed a duplicate delinquent notice should the account become past due. All charges remain against the property. Failure to pay may result in discontinuation of service and/or a lien on the property.

Discontinuing Water Service                     

Water service may be discontinued, and charges suspended, upon completion of the Owner Lock Off Request Form (PDF). No water and sewer charges will accrue as long as water remains off. Storm drainage charges (if applicable) are ongoing and will not be discontinued with water/sewer turn off. There is a $25 turn off fee for this service.

Automatic Payments                            

Utility payments may be withdrawn automatically from your Checking Account. Please mail or return a completed Automatic Withdrawal Authorization Form (PDF) to initiate either payment option. 

Low-Income Senior Citizen Discount                  

Senior citizens may be eligible to receive a reduction of their water and sewer rates if they meet established income requirements. Download the Senior Citizen Rate Discount Application (PDF) or contact Heather Stites at 253-851-6157 for more information.

Backflow (Cross Connection) Requirements   

The Washington State Department of Health requires all backflow prevention devices to be tested annually. Devices need to be maintained to insure a healthy public water supply. View the List of Certified "Backflow" Installers / Certified Testers (PDF). Please contact Lisa Krasas at 253-853-8251 for more information.

Water Issues

If you are experiencing discolored or odorous water problems please call 253-851-8136.